From the earth there once came a wild stampede creating a massive dust Cloud. From the dust, a pack of "wild pigs" emerged, from them a "Renegade" has arisen. You can speak his name for the true word of brotherhood will follow

In 1991, when the Wild Pigs M/C was just three chapters in California and one in Connecticut, the San Jose chapter divided and was falling apart due to infighting and divisiveness on the part of a few individuals. A significant cause of the dissention was due to some members wanting to grow, while others feared growth and possibly losing total control of the club. At a time when some were trying to mend the rifts and develop club bylaws which would satisfy the needs of the club as a whole, two San Jose members, who labeled themselves “R & R Enterprises”, secretively filed a trademark application for the name and logo of the WPMC. This was done without the knowledge or approval of any chapter board in existence at the time. After some time had passed and the WPMC had grown, the actions of R&R Enterprises were finally recognized and the real threat it was. Legal action was filed on behalf of the WPMC with the Trademark Commission to try to prevent R&R from gaining trademark rights. The existing WPMC chapters and regional boards subsequently terminated the San Jose chapter’s charter and the chapter essentially ceased to exist.

The club won a court victory in California, preventing R&R Enterprises from incorporating as the WPMC, which they had also attempted illegally. The favorable California Superior Court decision, ruling R&R Enterprises incorporation as illegal, was forwarded to the U.S. Trademark Commission. The Trademark Commission after a lengthy delay, elected to award the trademark to R&R based on the “late” filing of the original complaint.

The Regional Boards upon learning the decision approached the membership with several options. One was to buy the trademark rights from R&R, this option was rejected after R&R disclosed they didn’t want to sell the trademark and in fact wanted to have complete and sole control of the club. Another option was to continue utilizing the Wild Pigs logo and disregard R&R all together, challenging them in court on a case by case bases. This was rejected due to potential court costs to the chapters and regions.

The last option was to rename the club which involved several names and logos presented to the membership for a vote.  The creation of the Renegade Pigs M/C was complete.

The Renegade Pigs had been born, like a phoenix emerging from the ashes they arose to disperse brotherhood amongst brothers of courage.  To all our brothers who chose a different path we accept your choice and remain brothers, because we all fight what others fear.......